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i am winston echo

(this is my blog so i get to say whatever i like. have a quick look and you'll see there's mp3s available, if you want to listen to them try streaming by all means but sometimes it doesn't work too well, in which case right click and save and listen at yr leisure. also, if you find that yr in a position to get upset at me posting these mp3s and would like them taken down then please let me know and i'll chop em ok? also also, go and buy music as well cheapskates) look at the rest of my site
Thursday, 15 February 2007

It snowed last week.  I am officially against snow.  I'll agree that it's quite pretty and I'm not all together oppose to the falling and settling of snow, I find that quite pleasant and I'd much rather be caught in a bit of light snow than a bit of light rain, but my real issue is what happens after the snow settles.  It's pretty to look and quite satisfying to walk through the first time, however, as the hours pass and more and more feet drag through the snow it turns into either a dirty grey sludge, full of car fumes and mud and gravel, or a slippery ice formed of compacted snow which can be deceptively dangerous.  I'm also not too found of sitting at the bus stop whilst teenagers stream by, all hyper and shit because they've got out of school due to the fact that teachers are just too lazy to get out of bed, trying to avoid the possibility of a snowball in the face.  Other than that I love snow.

I received a myspace message the other day from Cecile from Bordeaux, letting me know about her fantastic blog Black Candy (make sure you give it a good look), and in particular the band Lapin Machin who apparently are the best French band at the moment.  Having listened to the tracks on the blog and on their myspace I find that hard to argue with.  I just live for really lo-fi indie pop-punk, especially when they use acoustic guitar as a weapon rather than a security blanket so this is definately for me.  Now if only they'll get back to me about their CD?  Oh, and for the record, Lapin Machin translates as Rabbit Things.  So there you go.  Here's a one of their songs.

Lapin Machin - I Don't Even Even Know Why

Posted by winston at 1:49 PM GMT

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