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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Earlier this week I went to London for the evening.  I haven't been on the train into St. Pancras for some time so I was a bit upset to find that the station still isn't finished with their big refurbishment (and you've still got the slightly confusing walk from the train platform to the underground station with signs that seem to change before every single trip.)  Apparently all the work will be finished in october this year but I'm not optomistic.  Personally I can't wait for all the scaffolding to come down so everyone can see the full splendor what can only be described as The Most Terrifying Building Of My Childhood.  Having lived in Wellingborough for most of my life I have often been in and out of St Pancras every couple of months and I can't remember a time when the building hasn't given me chills down my spine.  I don't know where I'm going with this but I'm sure these refurbishments will have sucked most of the character out of the building and replaced it with glass and chrome and a pleasant bleached pine effect.

In case yr still reading, the reason I went to London was to see David Cross and the opening night of his 2 week run at the 100 ClubDavid Cross is pretty much my favourite man in the world right now, I'm currently taking in (mostly through osmosis) the 4th and final series of his Python-borrowing sketch show Mr. Show, and his character Tobias from (the amazing) Arrested Development is one of the most absurd, twisted and delightful characters there have been on TV in pretty much forever.  And of course there's his stand-up comedy, which is inspirational and insanely cynical at the same time. 
The show was pretty disappointing, the main main reason for this being that David Cross didn't even really do a real set, rather he compered the show, doing about 10 minutes between acts and introducing his friends.  The other acts were really good (Ed Byrne was a bit slick, Kristen Schaal was nice, but I'd really recommend checking out Todd Barry and Eugene Mirman if you get a chance because they were rad) but I (and most people in the room) had come to see a proper David Cross set.  Oh well. 

I'm really trying to absorb as much comedy as possible at the moment, maybe to compensate for my empty empty life. 

In other news, I'm trying hard to sort out Undereducated shows in the next couple of months.  It's hard sorting out venues sometimes.  We've got Sleeping States coming to Northampton in July and we're doing a show for The Blankket in London.  However, I'm trying my damnedest to sort something out for Shimmy Rivers And And Canal's tour at the end of july, they are such an amazing band live and I want to do a really great show but Northampton kind of sucks.  Fingers crossed. 

Shimmy Rivers And And Canal - Lord Justed Hues

Sleeping States - Maider!

Posted by winston at 11:49 PM BST

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