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i am winston echo

(this is my blog so i get to say whatever i like. have a quick look and you'll see there's mp3s available, if you want to listen to them try streaming by all means but sometimes it doesn't work too well, in which case right click and save and listen at yr leisure. also, if you find that yr in a position to get upset at me posting these mp3s and would like them taken down then please let me know and i'll chop em ok? also also, go and buy music as well cheapskates) look at the rest of my site
Tuesday, 3 July 2007
Great Jorb!

In the past couple of weeks I've spent too many nights sleeping on my friends' sofa.  Their hospitality is truly invincible.  I know how irritating I can be and it's a wonder I've woken up at all some mornings, knowing that these guys have had the chance to quietly suffocate me beneath a couch cushion.  Well done to them

In the past week or so and a bit or something I've been catching up with some viewing which I'd promised myself.  So I watched Everything Is Illuminated and The Squid & The Whale (which were both very good, go watch) and also For Your Consideration, as part of a new secret flim night I'm involved in.  All fantastic.  I also strongly recommend watching Who I Am And What I Want, co-directed by my personal favourite man with a pen David Shrigley.  Probably the most special thing I've been watching at with my eyes is the first series of Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job (part of the insane Adult Swim family of television programmes.)  The show is really hard to describe but I like to think of as a sketch show made by people who have never seen a sketch show before.  Go and watch an episode, it's not long.

And listening to music.  Here's Zeek Sheck, who I know nothing about at all.  2 songs.  Listen.

Zeek Sheck - Ghostrem's Left Leg

Zeek Sheck - Chess

Posted by winston at 8:34 PM BST

Wednesday, 4 July 2007 - 3:24 AM BST

Name: "Johanna and 1 (one) kitten. "
Home Page: http://johanna-b-millsom.com



It is very late and I have to get up very early to take friends to the airport.

I have been stalking you on the Internet.  I am not sure you care, and if you do, well, *shrughs*, who knows.


Johanna and kitten(s).


PS. I am starting a band with a friend. And another person, except he doesn't know yet, but we think he will be dead chuffed. So now I have to actually learn how to play the harmonica properly. Or maybe I will just play it anyway.


Thursday, 5 July 2007 - 9:46 PM BST

Name: "chris/winston"

i don't mind being stalked on the internet.

i don't even mind being stalked in real life, so long as  it's from a safe distance or by someone nice.

your band better be really really good.

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