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i am winston echo

(this is my blog so i get to say whatever i like. have a quick look and you'll see there's mp3s available, if you want to listen to them try streaming by all means but sometimes it doesn't work too well, in which case right click and save and listen at yr leisure. also, if you find that yr in a position to get upset at me posting these mp3s and would like them taken down then please let me know and i'll chop em ok? also also, go and buy music as well cheapskates) look at the rest of my site
Friday, 24 August 2007

It's been a pretty uneventful couple of weeks for yours truly, including one job interview (and the inevitable disappointment which comes with it) and little else.  Yep.  Just finished playing Monkey Island 2, which was fun.  Also been watching Tim & Eric as previously mentioned but also the fantastic HBO miniseries The Corner, from the people behind The Wire, which I intend on re-watching in it's entirity.  Other than that, totally bored.

So I was going through some boxes in my little bedroom and found a copy of my 3"CD I did for the Homocrime singles club.  It was released 2 years ago and I'm pretty sure was the lowest selling Homocrime CD they did (mostly because my first show for them was an absolute fucking disaster.)  Unfortunately Homocrime ceased to exist last summer and it's now very unlikely you'll be able to find a copy anywhere.  Which is why I've decided to upload it here and letting you all download it, aint I sweet?  It's got a dozen songs on it, including one cover and I think it's pretty good, even though my vocal is so creepy (this was when I was recording things late night while everyone in the house was asleep.)  Enjoy.  

Winston Echo Hearts Homocrime (.zip file) 

(ps. I also uploaded a new-old song to myspace, it's called Pets and was featured on a Homocrime compilation, yep.)

Posted by winston at 8:49 PM BST

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